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Review of the game Trickster Online

Many Korean games are characterized by a unique vitality that does not correspond to all the modern features of the genre. One such project is Trickster Online. The game was released in 2003, but even then its graphics did not look very high quality. However, despite this, the game feels good and is still popular.

Game Features

The graphics of Trickster Online are close to anime style. However, it lacks a third dimension. There are 4 classes and as many as 8 races. In each class, you will be offered both male and female heroes. True, in your very game path, they are practically no different. However, after reaching the second specialty, the differences between skills will look more significant. The most significant feature of the project is the ability to drill into the ground. You can use this ability mainly for treasure hunting. Therefore, in this game you can feel like a real oil tycoon or surveyor. Perhaps for many this will be the realization of their childhood dream.

Gaining experience

In Trickster Online, you can get several types of experience. The usual classical experience is used to increase the statistical performance. It grows as you kill monsters or complete quests. The second type of experience is of a technical nature. This kind of progress depends not so much on the mechanism itself, but on the final result. The speed of gaining experience can be increased by creating alliances between players. That is, if you collect a group of six heroes of the same class, then the experience will increase twice. At the same time, by collecting four heroes of the same gender, you can immediately increase the experience by 2.5 times. It was in the opinion of the MMOTOP.ORG website that the creators decided to stimulate the teamplay.


Today, Trickster Online looks like a real dinosaur that miraculously survived in the modern gaming world. However, under such an old-fashioned shell is a fairly traditional gameplay that you will encounter in almost any modern game. Therefore, if 2D graphics is not a problem for you, then Trickster Online can please you.

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