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Trip In Another World game overview

trip in another world
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: December 1, 2023
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

"Trip In Another World" is an immersive card game and MMORPG developed by the innovative team at Fantasy World, designed exclusively for the PC platform. This captivating game offers a rich blend of genres including Adventure, Simulation, Strategy, RPG, and Real-Time Strategy. It also incorporates elements of City Building, JRPG, 3D Platforming, Real-Time Tactics, Exploration, and Roguelite, making it a versatile and engaging experience for a wide array of gamers.

The game was officially released on June 16, 2022, and has since attracted a dedicated player base. It is available for free, distributed worldwide by the publisher Fantasy World. Gamers can download "Trip In Another World" through various platforms, including the Steam store, where it has garnered favorable reviews, boasting an average rating of 7.5 out of 10 from users.

One of the standout features of "Trip In Another World" is its emphasis on collaboration and cooperation among players. The game employs an urban construction model that focuses on prosperity and civilization. Players are encouraged to dispatch business travelers to foster harmonious development across continents, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay.

The development of "Trip In Another World" was a meticulous process, taking approximately two years to complete. The game was designed with a global audience in mind, aiming to attract both casual and hardcore gamers. Currently, it enjoys a daily active player base of around 50,000, with annual participation reaching into the millions. Since its release, the game has accumulated a player base of approximately 5 million users.


"Trip In Another World" delivers a unique blend of casual and strategic gameplay that sets it apart in the MMORPG genre. The game's emphasis on cooperation and urban development provides a refreshing twist on traditional strategy games. However, the complexity of its multiple genres may be overwhelming for new players. Despite this, the engaging mechanics and free-to-play model make it accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience. Overall, we rate "Trip In Another World" a solid 65 out of 100, acknowledging its potential while noting areas for improvement.

What is the release date of Trip In Another World?

Trip In Another World was officially released on June 16, 2022.

On which platforms can I play Trip In Another World?

Trip In Another World is available exclusively on the PC platform.

Is Trip In Another World free to play?

Yes, Trip In Another World is distributed free of charge by the publisher Fantasy World.

How many players are active in Trip In Another World?

The game has a daily active player base of around 50,000 and a total player base of approximately 5 million users.

Game information last update: 03.05.2024

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