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Review of the game Twelve Sky 2

Twelve Sky 2 is the sequel to the well-known martial arts game featured on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The events of the sequel unfold in the territory of Ancient China about a thousand years ago. The game combines quite traditional components and some extraordinary innovations, which are worth dwelling on in more detail.

Traditional Ingredients

The classic and even banal components include traditional factions, of which there are four in the game. There are also quite typical three classes and a system for improving armor and weapons. As in any other MMORPG game, there are traditional quests in which you need to kill someone or bring something, dark dungeons, all kinds of bosses and locations for party battles.


At the same time, there are quite a few different innovations in Twelve Sky 2. These include the "fatality" mode, in which the player can destroy the enemy in the most bloody way. For example, the enemy can be cut into two parts or torn off his head. Quite unusual is the system of parts or "parts system". With its help, you would be able to decide which part to strike - in the lower, upper or middle. As a result, the damage dealt and the animation of battles will change.


In addition to interesting innovations, there are some rather strange moments in Twelve Sky 2. For example, the appearance of the fourth faction in the game, which you can go to when you reach the maximum level, looks very strange. Moreover, the transition to a new faction occurs automatically without the desire of the player. He is immediately removed from the guild with a complete reset of the friend list. After that, the only way out is to maintain contact with members of his old faction.

Basically, Twelve Sky 2 is mainly focused on PvP. The monsters here are not strong enough, and therefore they are only interesting as sources of loot. Therefore, those who want to participate in a bright battle will have to look for an opponent on their own. It is best to look for an enemy in factional battles. There are many who want to wipe your character off the face of the earth, so there will be no problems with adrenaline here. The only negative is the small number of classes. Indeed, for such a game, 3 classes are somehow not enough.

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