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The Chinese company Netease, well known to our readers thanks to the MMORPG Revelation, has announced a new Action/MO. The first show took place at the end of July at the ChinaJoy 2016 exhibition. At home, the game was called 龙魂时刻, and a little later the English name was announced - Twilight Spirits.

Initially presented by a number of publications as a new MMORPG, the game actually turned out to be Action / MO, which the producer confirmed in an interview, comparing it with Nexon's famous creation Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes). According to him, the main emphasis in the novelty is on the “action” and a rich warhead. The gameplay is based on team and elite individual challenges, PvP arena and co-op.

The Chinese took their own development as a basis - the Nirvana engine, which uses modern technologies, such as PBR rendering, and is capable of creating realistic lighting and shadows in real time. About a hundred people are working on the game. As usual, we are promised great graphics, spectacular non-target combat system and exciting PvP.

As for style, Twilight Spirits combines elements of Eastern and Western cultures. Of the interesting features, it is worth noting the time deceleration system (Bullet Time): with successful dodges from enemy attacks, the character slows down time and receives power-ups. From the looks of it, she will play an important role in dungeon and raid fights.

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