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Twin Saga Astral Realm
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Overview of Twin Saga

Get your dose of cuteness

The creators of the games Eden Eternal and Aura Kingdom from the X-Legend Entertainment studio decided to develop another project that can give a sea of ​​​​positiveness and colors. The novelty has received Astral Realm and can be described as an "anime adventure" with fantastic and colorful graphics.

The game offers nine cute classes whose journeys will run through fabulously mysterious locations. Astral Realm's advantage is that gamers can switch between styles without upgrading new heroes - leave the battle.

Of the exciting features, it is worth noting the system of mobile homes, which are located on the backs of various animals. As for combat, everything is standard here, except that it is worth mentioning the system of "finishers," which allows you to use powerful finishing skills when a unique scale has been accumulated. In Astral Realm, you will not only destroy pretty creatures, but you will also be able to try various peaceful professions, such as fishing, gardening, and others.

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