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Tynon game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: March 1, 2013
Game class / Title: C
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Tynon is an engaging MMORPG and strategy game developed by uCool, Inc., designed for the Browser platform. Released on June 26, 2012, Tynon offers an intriguing blend of anime and cartoon aesthetics, combined with turn-based and online strategy elements. This free-to-play game has been distributed worldwide, allowing players to dive into its immersive universe without any initial cost.

The development of Tynon spanned over two years, with a dedicated team of developers at uCool, Inc. meticulously crafting its rich world and strategic gameplay. The game specifically targets fans of anime and turn-based strategies, providing an experience that appeals to both casual gamers and strategy enthusiasts. Tynon supports multiple languages, ensuring accessibility to a global audience.

Tynon has gained a steady player base, with approximately 10,000 players logging in daily. Annually, it sees around 3.65 million active players, contributing to a lifetime player base of over 10 million gamers since its launch. This robust community continues to grow, drawn by the game's captivating storyline, engaging mechanics, and regular updates.

uCool, Inc. has consistently supported Tynon with updates and events, keeping the game fresh and exciting for its players. The game is accessible via any modern web browser, making it easy for players to join the adventure without the need for additional downloads or installations.


As a unique blend of MMORPG and strategy elements, Tynon offers a compelling experience for fans of the genre. The game's anime-inspired visuals and turn-based mechanics provide a refreshing take on online strategies. However, the game isn't without its flaws. While the graphics are charming, they may not appeal to everyone, and the turn-based combat can sometimes feel repetitive.

Despite these drawbacks, Tynon shines in its ability to foster a vibrant community and provide regular content updates. The game's accessibility via browser is a significant advantage, making it easy for new players to jump in. Overall, Tynon earns a solid score of 55 out of 100 on our scale, reflecting its steady popularity and dedicated player base.


Is Tynon free to play?

Yes, Tynon is a free-to-play game distributed by uCool, Inc.

What platforms is Tynon available on?

Tynon is available on the Browser platform.

When was Tynon released?

Tynon was released on June 26, 2012.

How many players does Tynon have?

Tynon has approximately 10,000 daily players, with around 3.65 million active players annually, and a lifetime player base of over 10 million gamers.

Game information last update: 10.03.2024

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