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TYR Online
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Overview of the game TYR Online

Imagine, there is a Korean game that does not repeat other Korean games or other games in general. At least we are promised something unique. We are talking about the game TYR Online.

Storyline and players

The authors of the game offer six classes - a tank, a warrior, an archer, a summoner, a shooter, and even a magician. If we reveal our cards and say that the game is outstanding and stands out from the rest, then it should be noted that the game will use a system with reputation points. Further, we will denote that the creators of the game built entire castles in order for teams to fight for them. Further, the authors say that the scale of the battles will be colossal, and the jackpot will also be huge - huge chunks of territory.

But that's not all. The most important and innovative thing is that there is a guild robbery system where you can steal gold or other valuables. You can also do the explosions of entire buildings. The game ends when the enemy or your team does not have a single building left, that is, the object of the struggle. If you are interested in the game, please contact MMOTOP.ORG for details.

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