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Ultima Online game overview

Ultima Online
Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: September 30, 1997
Game engine Custom
Electronic Arts
Free to Play

Overview of Ultima Online

This game is rightfully called the ancestor of the now popular MMORPG genre. At the same time, despite its relatively advanced age, Ultima Online continues to be no less in demand than at the beginning of its existence. This project has been written about more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Why is this game so attractive to all fans of online games?

The plot of the game

The plot of Ultima Online was taken from the original single version. The game takes place after the death of the evil mage Mondane, and its destruction leads to the shattering of the Diamond of Immortality, which the wizard wields. From its many fragments, various universes were eventually formed. It is during this period after the split that we have to play.

The user can choose the development path as a warrior, traveler, magician, or artisan. This can be done in any of the worlds for which a particular server is responsible. From the offline versions of the Ultima series, a unique philosophy was taken based on three main pillars: Truth, Courage, and Love. Eight virtues are made up from their combinations in the game, using which you can get various essential bonuses. These are different valuable abilities, such as increasing the maximum level of a skill or the ability to be close to aggressive monsters.


Ultima Online features a third-person perspective, which is familiar to many gamers. Despite its impressive age, the game has presentable graphics and a well-thought-out interface. Today there are many new projects with more attractive modern graphics. Therefore, the developers of Ultima Online decided to keep up with the competition and, in 2007, created another Kingdom Reborn update, where they significantly improved the shadows, drawing details, and lighting. All this made the picture much more modern.

Character Development

Each hero has many unique abilities, of which over fifty. With the help of these skills, you can not only fight with swords or shoot from a bow but also do many useful, peaceful things: tame wild animals, sew, hunt, and even steal.

In addition, an essential component of the gameplay in Ultima Online is the interaction between users. So, to get a quality sword, you need to find a good blacksmith, and you need a skilled tailor for a beautiful outfit. To bring healing potions, you need to find the appropriate alchemist. Interaction between players is possible not only on a peaceful basis. For example, outside settlements, you can fight with other players and even arrange serious fights between groups.

To avoid unnecessary bloodshed, a system of karma was introduced. It should make life difficult for overly aggressive gamers. However, the battles between the players are perhaps the critical component of the game. Therefore, pacifists are not welcome in this game.


Of course, Ultima Online is a much simpler and more gray spectacle compared to such beautiful and colorful games as Age of Conan and Aion. But, at the same time, today's graphics can hardly surprise anyone. At the same time, Ultima Online benefits from a well-designed universe, a well-thought-out combat system and economy, and authentic gaming traditions that have existed for more than ten years. At the very least, this game deserves respect, if only because it was she who stood at the origins of the genre.

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