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Ultima Online game overview

Ultima Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 1997
Game class / Title: A
Game engine Unknown
Origin Systems

Ultima Online, often heralded as the progenitor of the MMORPG genre, continues to captivate players despite its venerable age. Released in 1997 by Origin Systems, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, this game laid the groundwork for all subsequent online role-playing games. With a persistent and loyal player base, Ultima Online remains a seminal title that draws thousands of players daily. The game's development was a pioneering endeavor, taking over two years to materialize, aimed squarely at the burgeoning market of online gamers in the late 90s.

Ultima Online is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience. The game supports a third-person perspective, which has become a classic viewpoint in the genre. Over the years, Ultima Online has maintained a robust player base, with estimates suggesting approximately 100,000 active players each month and a cumulative player count reaching into the millions over its lifetime. The community is active and engaged, with around 10,000 players logging in daily to explore its multifaceted world.

The game offers a rich tapestry of gameplay options, allowing players to choose their path as a warrior, traveler, magician, or artisan. Set in a universe fragmented by the shattering of the Diamond of Immortality after the death of the evil mage Mondane, players traverse various worlds, each represented by different servers. The ethos of Ultima Online is deeply rooted in the original Ultima series' philosophy, emphasizing Truth, Courage, and Love. These pillars form eight virtues within the game, conferring essential bonuses and enhancing gameplay.

Despite its age, Ultima Online's graphics have evolved, most notably with the 2007 Kingdom Reborn update, which introduced enhanced shadows, detailed textures, and improved lighting. This update brought a modern touch to the game's visual presentation, making it more appealing to contemporary gamers. The game's interface and character development system remain compelling, offering over fifty unique abilities. Players can engage in combat, craft items, tame animals, and even indulge in thievery.

Interaction between players is a cornerstone of Ultima Online. Crafting a quality sword requires finding a skilled blacksmith, while a beautiful outfit necessitates a talented tailor. Healing potions need an accomplished alchemist. The game also features a karma system to mitigate unnecessary aggression, although player-versus-player combat remains a vital aspect of the gameplay, making it less suitable for pacifists.

In conclusion, Ultima Online may not boast the vibrant graphics of newer titles like Age of Conan or Aion, but it offers a rich, well-designed universe with a thoughtfully crafted combat system and economy. Its enduring legacy and contribution to the MMORPG genre make it a respected and cherished title among online gaming enthusiasts.


Ultima Online is a cornerstone in the MMORPG genre, and its influence is undeniable. The game excels in providing a deeply immersive world with a complex economy and engaging player interactions. Its age shows in the graphics, even with the Kingdom Reborn update, which, while improving the visuals, cannot completely compete with newer titles. However, the gameplay mechanics, rich lore, and community-driven interactions more than compensate for this. The karma system is a thoughtful addition, balancing the game's inherent competitiveness. On the downside, new players might find the learning curve steep and the visuals outdated. Overall, Ultima Online earns a solid 65 out of 100 in our rating, reflecting its historical significance and enduring appeal.


What platforms is Ultima Online available on?

Ultima Online is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS.

When was Ultima Online released?

Ultima Online was released in 1997.

How many players does Ultima Online have?

Ultima Online has approximately 10,000 daily players and around 100,000 active players each month.

What are the main gameplay features of Ultima Online?

Ultima Online offers a diverse range of gameplay options including combat, crafting, taming animals, and player-versus-player interactions. The game is built around a philosophy of Truth, Courage, and Love, which form eight virtues that provide various bonuses.
Game information last update: 29.01.2024

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