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Review of the game Unparalleled Devil

Linekong recently released their rather ambitious project called Unparalleled Devil. The game was released a few years ago in China, and only today it has reached domestic gamers. In China, the project managed to become very popular. For example, last year the game became the second most popular in China. She gathered a much larger audience than Warcraft's ten million users. The game was localized in russia (the terrorist state) with the help of the Ingamba studio, which previously localized such well-known projects as Ragnarok and SUN Online. We have repeatedly mentioned them on the MMOTOP.ORG website.


Developers compare their offspring with Diablo itself. Indeed, Unparalleled Devil has a bright and dynamic gameplay. But at the same time, the Chinese project, unlike the brainchild of Blizzard, is mainly focused on the PvP mode. In this game, you get a lot of opportunities to destroy other players, ranging from standard duels to large-scale confrontations between factions. In addition, here you can arrange fights in arenas or PK-racket.

The mysterious Ghosts and law enforcement Immortals act as factions here. There are no serious prerequisites for a fight between them - the factions just fight each other. In the faction battle mode, the confrontation is in many ways similar to the chip barbarian system taken from RF Online. All battles in Unparalleled Devil take place for the right to own the Heart of the World. Three times a day, you have the opportunity to capture this location for your faction, which will allow you to get many useful bonuses.

Battle features

In Unparalleled Devil, another option that allows you to participate in mass battles is to become a member of a guild and take on sieges. In this game, you are offered three cities, so the value of capturing each city is very high. However, the division into factions does not prevent you from destroying your allies. This is due to the fact that this division here is purely symbolic. Of course, most locations are designed not to get caught by representatives of the opposite faction. However, this does not prevent you from receiving an ice block from a team ally with a white nickname. In the event of an attack, the nickname turns red, and now you can destroy the presumptuous enemy, taking all his valuables from him. That is, such a PK system is very similar to the system in the game Lineage II.

Bandit's way

If you like the path of a bandit, then in Unparalleled Devil you can rob caravans to your heart's content. This can be done in several ways. The first option is to get a task to escort a caravan, where you can become a guard. Being in the incarnation of a guard, you can easily steal the entire cargo. You can go the other bandit way - to scour the district in search of prey. All this is very similar to another project - Silkroad. The Linekong team of specialists managed to take the best from a number of games, for which special thanks to them.

Game classes

The next feature is the complete absence of support classes. The monsters in this game die quite quickly, so there are quite a few killers, mages and warriors here. Warriors in Unparalleled Devil use huge swords to fight, while assassins use shurikens and folding bows to fight. Wizards traditionally use the magic of fire, air and fire.


The creators of the project decided to leave the traditional grind and fill the game with quests. For this purpose, the game has several thousand missions, which looks very impressive even with daily tasks. There are many other pleasant moments in this project. So, life here is not as easy for mounts and pets as in other mmorpg games. In this game, they will have to put on armor and fight side by side with their owners. Another advantage of the game is the ability to auto-select loot. You just need to approach the destroyed monster and you will immediately get all of its loot. Also, many gamers will appreciate the autopilot for quests and the built-in game guide. In general, the creators of the project have tried to remove all the obstacles that may get in the way of the main component of the game - the PvP mode.

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