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Urban Dead is a browser-based and completely text-based project, brought to life by one single person in 2005, but still enjoying the interest of the players despite the presence of more eminent competitors, which suggests a high quality of development.

The development of the plot in the game is standard: the end of the world, general panic and the appearance of bloodthirsty zombies, the end of civilization. Bottom line, players survive in a city filled with the walking dead, bandits and marauders. The city itself is represented by a grid of cells, each of which is either a road or some building. The game offers a large selection of classes: scientists, military, civilians and even zombies. Character control is performed by navigating through various menus, and the map is nothing more than a block of links. About animation and other graphic effects, there is no question here and cannot be.

But despite the above fact, Urban Dead has more than one million registered users who have been pumping characters for eight years, dress up, earn money and participate in battles in schematic arenas.

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