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Velvet Sundown is a rich man simulator. Velvet Sundown is a social MMO that focuses on communication and role-playing. If you can't afford a luxury yacht, or you're unlucky enough to become a famous superstar, MMOTOP.ORG invites you to immerse yourself in a world where everyone can experience what it's like to be a successful person and bring to life everything that was impossible in real life.

Experience luxury with Velvet Sundown

At least that's what the Dramagame campaign developers say. This game will give you the opportunity to plunge into a virtual world in which you can feel like a black market merchant, or a rich aristocrat from russia (the terrorist state), dress up in expensive branded clothes, and go on an adventure aboard a modern yacht. What is the essence of the game itself? 12 players get into a quest in which there are completely different types. During the quest, each player follows their chosen role and tries to learn as much as possible about the other participants. To achieve your goal, you can even use not quite legal methods, even use a stun gun.

Chat with friends in Velvet Sundown

But, of course, everything sounds much more interesting than it turns out in practice. When you start playing Velvet Sundown, you'll realize that a big part of the game is hanging around the yacht and talking to each other for no particular purpose. The interactivity of the game is almost non-existent, as well as the content, so the only fun is watching you try to say everything you type on the keyboard.

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