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Virtual Earth Online
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Overview of the game Virtual Earth Online

Virtual Earth Online is an MMORPG adventure game developed by Virtual Earth Online for the PC platform. The following features can be distinguished: adventure game, mmo. You will have access to such game modes as "massive multiplayer" and "multiplayer".

Worldwide, Virtual Earth Online will be distributed as a one-time purchase by Virtual Earth Online's publisher. The game is currently under development. It is impossible to download Virtual Earth Online for free, including via torrent, since the game is distributed according to the one-time purchase model.

MMOTOP.ORG has not yet rated Virtual Earth Online. The game is distributed in the Steam store, whose users have not yet left reviews.

The official description of the game reads:

“Imagine a game like Minecraft but multiplayer and the size of Earth. Virtual Earth Online uses Google Earth technology to recreate the entire Earth within the game. Your house is in this game! Every river, road, tree is here. Build cities and teleport around the world to your friend's creations. We have a huge variety of materials that enable you to create anything you want to create. Virtual Earth Online is multiplayer over the internet. Use blocks and other building materials to build houses, farms or cities."

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