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Review of the WAKFU game

After the well-known universe called Dofus, the creators decided not to stop there and expand the story about Ogrest to the maximum. In WAKFU, the action takes place one hundred years after the significant events in the first part of the game.

The script tells the story of 6 magical eggs Ogrest gave to his beloved, who later rejected him. After that, the poor ogre found nothing else but to shed heavy tears of grief. The main thing here is that this action has been going on for thousands of years, which eventually led to a rise in the level of the world's oceans to a catastrophic level. The task of the game is to save the land from flooding and kill Ogrest.

About gameplay

The movement occurs in a turn-based mode, where action points are spent with each move and mana. In WAKFU, the developers offer the player a choice of 12 classes, some of which you may remember if you played Dofus. Each class is assigned 25 magic spells: 15 are elemental spells, and the remaining ten will be from our support category.

The good thing is that almost all skills will be available immediately after leveling the 10th level of the hero. The most important part of the gameplay here is that each spell branch has 100 levels, so spending experience points must be approached carefully and rationally.

Difference from the first part

Since it is not so easy to get to the sobbing Ogrest, there are three factions in the game, each competing in this right. According to the statistics of the developers, the universe can accommodate up to twenty-five thousand people. As in Dofus, you can see monsters already known to everyone: Mosquitos, Tofus, and Gobbols. The main difference between WAKFU and its previous counterpart is the character's camera physics.

Here she smoothly follows the character, while in Dofus, the player had a new screen generated when making a move. A diverse, changing world with limited resources and monsters that change location will not leave you without attention. In terms of popularity, WAKFU may have some problems here, but despite this, it was not difficult for the MMOTOP.ORG team to leave a review of the game here.

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