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Overview of the game War of Genesis 4

War of Genesis 4: Spiral Genesis is one of the most anticipated and promising Korean MMORPGs. The game has been developed by the SOFTMAX studio since 2009 on the Unreal Engine 3 and will offer players various interesting solutions, including a control system for a whole group of characters (of which there will be as many as three hundred), a system of synergies between these same characters (party skills, combos and power-ups), a transformation system, a strong storyline based on the long-running War of Genesis universe, and much more.

One of the unique features of War of Genesis 4 is the squad system, which allows you to control 5 characters at the same time. It sounds complicated, but the developers convince of the opposite, along the way promising easy entry into the gameplay and intuitive controls. A unit can take on various formations, each of which plays an important role during battles.

Your choice of party members will also play an important role in the adventure. The fact is that some characters have secret team effects or combos that appear when they are in a group with certain partners. This can provide you with a powerful buff, skill, or team combo. This will force you to choose between recruiting a group of strong characters that don't have these interactions, or choosing a group based on team effects. However, these effects still need to be discovered.

War of Genesis 4 has another unique feature. You have to choose one character who can transform into a huge and strong mech (or demon - depending on the choice), which can play a decisive role in the battle with the bosses.

The developers from SOFTMAX also promise a well-realized game world, a deep storyline and many characters familiar from previous games in the War of Genesis series (these are console JRPGs). By the way, this series at home is considered a kind of Korean version of Final Fantasy and enjoys great prestige. However, knowledge of past games in the MMORPG War of Genesis 4, according to the developers, is not at all necessary.

The maximum number of players that can join a normal party is 4, while each member can control 5 characters. In War of Genesis 4, raid groups will also be implemented, in which several ordinary ones can unite. The raid system supports up to 80 characters at a time, which will easily provide large-scale PvE and PvP battles.

At the moment, SOFTMAX is polishing PvE content, but in the future, PvP will also be presented to us. Designers promise to show arenas, tournaments and other PvP content over time.

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