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Overview of the game Warbane

Warbane is an interesting fantasy project made in the MMORPG genre. This game was announced in 2010 at the famous G-Star exhibition. The gameplay of this game is based on various types of PvP mode. There are arena battles, guild battles and faction battles that take place almost every week. The project includes two main factions and six races. At the same time, there are only four classes in the game. This is a fairly traditional set that includes a melee fighter, a wizard, a healer and a thief.

Interesting features

One of the interesting features of the game is the ability to change the race of the hero to an alternative one. You get this ability after you reach level 44. The next feature of the Warbane game is the presence of large riding mounts, on which up to 6 users can move at the same time. In addition, in this project you will have the opportunity to combine classes with each other, which somewhat changes the situation with the lack of diversity when choosing roles. Warbane is currently available for free-to-play, so anyone can try it in action.

Creating a game

The first playable version of the Warbane project appeared already 3 years after its announcement. The game was created by the Korean company MGame, which has extensive experience in online projects. In particular, such Asian games as Ghost Online, Hero Online and Operation 7, which we have repeatedly mentioned on the MMOTOP.ORG website, have left the assembly line of this studio. It is clear that none of these projects has anything to do with the AAA class. However, Warbane also does not belong to this category, despite all the efforts of the Koreans. Of course, the announcement of the game was accompanied by colorful and pretentious commercials that tried in every possible way to emphasize the epic nature of the plot.

The essence of the project

As a result, Warbane turned out to be a typical Asian MMORPG, which has a bright appearance, but a very empty content. The essence of the game is the battle between two powerful nations - Orsia and Foren. They peacefully existed for a long time next to each other until the scientists came across the core of Orsia. This core was the unique Gaia Drive that powered both peoples. However, this engine managed to suck out almost all the vital energy of the planet. The subject of contention was the question of what to do with him next. It was against this background that a large-scale conflict broke out between the two nations.

class system

In Warbane, six races are available to players, among which the Foren alliance includes Vulcans, Tigueros and Ariels, and Orsia includes Uzens, Surts and Humans. In addition to the traditional four classes that we talked about above, the developers plan to add two more - a monk and a sorcerer.

Pumping system

The character leveling system in the game is divided into two main types. So, development from level 1 to 50 is a total grind. During this period, you have to deal with the destruction of many simple wolves, wild boars and many other innocent animals. After level 51, the most interesting begins, since from this moment the heroes can be pumped by killing other players. Basically, here you will come across a real PK, which the creators of the game decided to reward with additional experience points.

PvP Mode

In Warbane, the PvP mode is one of the main ones, and therefore the developers paid due attention to it. Here you will be offered three types of arenas for battles, each of which has its own restrictions on the level of heroes. The most exciting are the Wars of Nations, in which 500 users from each of the opposing sides can fight at the same time. In addition, in the game you will encounter guild wars and even a solo PvP mode.

Game disadvantages

However, these are all the positive aspects in Warbane. You can reach the cap in just a couple of weeks of slow grinding, after which the players simply have nothing to do in the game. This is a common problem with all budget MMORPGs. That is, in such games, well-pumped heroes simply become uninteresting. Therefore, the creators of the project can only come up with updates and additions with the same speed with which the players have time to go through them. Whether the Warbane developers will be able to do this is a big question.

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