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Overview of Warhold

Warhold is a session MMO from domestic developers. The game is conceived as a hardcore third-person action game with strategy elements, a developed political system, and team battles in the popular dark fantasy setting.

Gamers here are assigned the role of Rulers - warriors from antiquity, possessing destructive secret knowledge and participating in the war for resources and power with each other, as well as the people of the north - the EErmey

The developers promise that players will have a whole city at their disposal, which can be controlled and determine the direction of its development. It will also be possible to create, improve and customize buildings, direct residents to available jobs, monitor their loyalty, and make valuable strategic decisions. At the same time, the city will also be the user's base, where he can store all his property.

As for character development, there is a choice of four classes: Sniper, Chaplain, Marauder, and Reaper., each with a unique set of combo attacks, weapons, skills, and a talent tree. The final specialization of the player will depend on the equipment selection and skill point distribution.

Battles in Warhold occur in closed-type arenas that accommodate up to 20 players. Users wcan access classic modes suchas Team Battle, Brawl, Capture the Flag, etc. For winning the battle, the player receives gold, resources, and experience necessary for the character's development and city.

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