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Review of the game Land of Warriors

Warriorland is a browser-based isometric 2D project from Gamenet in a fantasy setting, which, although not innovative, can also surprise. The picture here is made in a colorful Asian style. The plot is based on the myths and legends of ancient China, which tells about the great war of three powerful kingdoms for territories. By the way, the player can take the side of interest and finish the story in his way.

Three standard character classes are not tied to gender, many mounts, various companions, each with their backstory, a turn-based combat system with the ability to place fighters during battle, PvP arena battles with a rating system, dungeons, a challenge tower, and an abundance special effects.

In general, the Land of Warriors can be described as an average browser in which you can spend several evenings or breaks in the office with pleasure. But more, unfortunately, she is unable to.

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