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Wayfinder is an action MMORPG game developed by Airship Syndicate for the PC platform. Features include: Action, MMO, Adventure, RPG, mmorpg, Loot, Free to Play, Party RPG, Action RPG, Action Adventure, Co-op, Online Co-op, Multiplayer, Open World, Third Person, Casual, team, exploration, atmospheric, single player. You will have access to such game modes as "massive multiplayer" and "multiplayer".

Worldwide, Wayfinder will be distributed free of charge by publisher Digital Extremes. The game is currently under development. You can learn about the possibility of downloading Wayfinder for free, including via torrent, on the official website.

MMOTOP.ORG gives Wayfinder a score of 7.0 out of 10. The game is distributed on the Steam store, which has no user reviews yet.

The official description of the game reads:

“Become a Traveler and unleash your power by choosing your path and playstyle as you fight back against the hostile force that has taken over your world. Manage chaos by choosing and changing the space around you. Create adventures that you go on with your friends, because travelers who go together are stronger.”


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