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Weapons of the Gods
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Weapons of the Gods is a fantasy MMORPG straight from China. The game was developed on the Unreal Engine 3 and tells about another unfair story involving cruel gods. After long quarrels, the rulers wanted to resolve everything peacefully and sent people with magical weapons to fight for them.

The game has six classes and two factions to choose from, but before choosing a faction, it is suggested that you think a little, because it opens only after reaching level 24. The rest of the time before the opening of PvP, players are given the opportunity to test more than three hundred skills on mobs.

Regardless of the choice of the side, between the Dark Brotherhood or the Light Guardians, the game allows you to join guilds and thereby participate in battles for castles or even local politics. Well, for those who want a peaceful life, the project has 11 professions divided into 2 types of activities: gathering and production.

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