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Overview of the game Wind Slayer

Wind Slayer is a 2D 8-bit MMORPG inspired by classic games from the 90s. The project will be of particular interest to oldfags, mainly for its local retro style, which is attractive and reminiscent of the old days of gatherings in Super Mario and Contra.

The protagonist is a bright representative of anime, with big eyes and a head, traveling through the vast territories of Buritania and exterminating unusual opponents in a variety of ways, many of which can even cause tenderness and a smile.

You can engage in the destruction of mobs both in the company of friends and alone. However, if you get tired of it, you can always go to the PvP arena to show yourself and punch a couple of other players in their big eyes. Among other things, in Wind Slayer there are massive battles with up to 20 players (10x10) in the capture the flags mode.

In general, the project, focused mainly on oldfags, was never able to gather a permanent audience, which is why it was soon closed and fell into oblivion.

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