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Wing of Misadventure
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Wing of Misadventure is the first MMORPG made entirely in RPGMaker by 4Tabern. The game has an interesting art style, made in 2D isometrics, a well-thought-out loot system, quick fights.

Also, Wing of Misadventure contains six playable races, classes tied to them and a storyline. To complete the game and dungeons, you can join groups and guilds. Teaming up with other players will also allow you not to need resources, since they are quite rare here, and crafting is needed everywhere. Another plus is the low system requirements, thanks to which the project is available to users even with old hardware.

All in all, Wing of Misadventure is a solid classic-style MMORPG that can please all sorts of players, especially the nostalgic ones.

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