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Wizard101 Game Review

Given the massive popularity of Harry Potter, we can say that most people continue to believe in miracles. True, perhaps the reason for Potter's popularity lies not in this but in the fact that many like the charming Emma Watson. More recently, the Wizard101 project has been released, which at its core, is very reminiscent of Harry Potter in multiplayer mode. It could have been called if the developers could buy a costly license for a well-known name. So instead of the famous Harry, we are offered various young magicians who do not even have time owls. The novelty has already been written about on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game process

The game starts with a test, where the player gets his specialization in one of the elements. The fire is suitable for those who like to burn everything in their path; the magic of ice makes it possible to inflict apparent point damage, and thanks to the storm, you can rule over the elements of the wind.

Rather unusual is the magic of myths, which is based on the creation of illusions. Managing life magic allows the hero to heal quickly, and death magic takes life from the enemy. The most harmonious school of balance allows the hero to take a little from each of the elements. To improve in these magics, you must look for the appropriate teachers. Almost all of them are located in Wizard City. Only the master of death, Milistar Drake, does not live here. Instead, he hatches insidious plans to conquer the universe, so he cannot sit still. You will have to search for the dark magician in various parallel worlds.

Battle system

The combat system in Wizard101 is based on over 300 different locations. They must be written down in your book and used when necessary. With the accumulation of a certain amount of experience, you can study the magical schools' spells. Properly some of these spells are used only once in combat. If you are fighting monsters, then anyone can join this battle. To do this, he enters the circle that appears on the map. True, when adding players, the number of enemies also increases significantly.

PvP Mode

In addition to the PvE mode, Wizard101 has a reasonably advanced PvP mode. Battles between users occur only in unique arenas and are characterized by a step-by-step mechanism. For the most successful players, various rewards and bonuses have been prepared, which make it possible to increase their rating. However, nothing else is provided for victories in these battles.

Graphic arts

As for the graphics, Wizard101 is very reminiscent of World of Warcraft. The developers decided to sacrifice polygons but, at the same time, add a lot of bright colors to the game. This once again suggests that the game is intended more for children. Another sign of targeting a children's audience is the presence of exceptional protection against trolls. It is presented as template phrases that parents can turn off if necessary. True, our children are unlikely to need this because the game has not yet been localized in russian (the terrorist state), and they do not know English.

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