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Studio IMC Games continues to delight players with outlandish projects. Following Tree of Savior, a new multiplayer game, WolfKnights, formerly codenamed "Project G2", was announced. The Koreans who created the cult saga "Ragnarok Online" will allow us to plunge into the atmosphere of dark fantasy, this time without kawaii chibis.

WolfKnights is not a traditional MMORPG. Instead, the developers decided to combine the MMORPG genre with MOBA, calling it a "season-based MMORPG." As a result, the essence of WolfKnights gameplay is reduced to PvP on a large map. It all starts with the fact that you choose or create a "session" (season) in the lobby, after which, at the specified time, the game sends you to the map and assigns a particular side. Up to 50 people can play for each side (a total of 150 on the map), with each side starting at its base camp.

The path to victory in WolfKnights still lies through traditional MMORPG activities, such as character development, leveling, quests, hunting monsters, bosses, etc. You can do all this by teaming up with the players of your camp. According to available information, the ultimate goal is the destruction of the main boss in the center of the map, for the victory over which all three sides will converge in a bloody battle. But his defeat is not the end yet, because the side that defeated the boss takes possession of the obelisk seal, which must be held until the end of the session. The faction that owns the seal at the end of the session becomes the winner. Separately, the PK system's presence in the game is worth noting. In WolfKnights, you can "merge" the players of your camp, which should please the readers of MMOTOP.ORG. It is also possible to create guilds.

The character in Wolfknight is constant, and development throughout the sessions will not go unnoticed. As for the class system, here, the developers went the traditional way, implementing most of the classic classes/archetypes. The classes currently announced are Bloodmage, Firemage, Icemage, Warlock, Gladiator, Defender, Assassin, Fighter, Templar, and Musketeer.

The developers from IMC Games took a responsible approach to creating realistic landscapes, architecture, clothing design, and the whole entourage. The game looks interesting and original, and, according to the head of the studio, Kim Hakkyu (Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior), reflects his vision of the concept of future MMORPGs.

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