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Review of the game WonderKing

WonderKing is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG for kids. This project is mainly designed specifically for juvenile gamers. In this case, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the lack of a third graphical dimension benefited the game, as the developers were able to pay more attention to the development of the gameplay.

Gameplay Features

The gameplay of the WonderKing game has a number of unusual features that are not found in other side-scrollers of this genre. For example, it offers the opportunity to create your own housing, equip it with furniture and supplement it with all sorts of trophies. In addition, the WonderKing game has an advanced pet system that participates in all kinds of tasks. In addition, here you can turn into monsters. For this purpose, you need to collect special cards. It is after collecting them that players get access to the transformation.

Game modes

The PvP mode in WonderKing presents various options. One-on-one battles are available here, as well as large-scale battles between guilds. These battles can take place in one of four arenas, in which all obstacles are randomly generated. In addition, the game also has the opportunity to play in the toy castle siege mode, in which up to 30 gamers can take part.

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