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World in Audition
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Overview of the game World in Audition

World in Audition is a dance MMORPG project, which became the third in a well-known series of projects. We have already talked about its predecessors, Audition Online and Audition Online 2, on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The same specialists who created the two previous parts worked on the development of this game.

Game features

The game World in Audition differs from its predecessors with more modern high-quality graphics and a focus on smartphone owners. Big changes have touched the interface. However, if you wish, you can adjust the interface for yourself so that it suits PC users.


In general, the game has remained at the same fairly high level. In World in Audition, you can participate in various dance events and learn many styles of dance. In addition, there is an opportunity to take part in both single and collective competitions. World in Audition also features an interesting QTE system and an advanced character editor. For lovers of virtual shopping, this project also offers a lot of interesting things - in particular, there will be a rather diverse wardrobe.

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