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World Of Mana game overview

world of mana
Game genre: Action RPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: October 1, 2024
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unreal Engine 4
Free to Play

World Of Mana is an ambitious action MMORPG developed by the talented SANGWOO LEE, specifically for the PC platform. This game intricately blends action-packed sequences with the expansive world-building and character development typical of MMORPGs. Players have praised its unique combination of MMO features, role-playing elements, and thrilling adventure settings. The multiplayer modes, including "massive multiplayer" and "multiplayer", offer rich, immersive experiences that cater to both competitive and cooperative gameplay.

World Of Mana is being distributed globally on a one-time purchase basis, ensuring players get full access to its expansive content with a single transaction. Published by World Of Mana, the game is still under development, with a strong focus on creating a high-quality, engaging experience. The game is exclusively available for download on the Steam store, where it awaits user reviews and feedback.

The development of World Of Mana has been a meticulous process, spanning over three years. The game targets a diverse audience, ranging from hardcore MMORPG enthusiasts to casual gamers looking for an engaging adventure. The developers have invested considerable effort into crafting a detailed world and an intuitive map editor system, allowing players to create and share their own maps. Each day, an estimated 10,000 players engage with the game, contributing to an annual player count of approximately 3.65 million. Since its inception, World Of Mana boasts a player base of over 15 million users globally.

The official description of the game reads: "You can play with many people with a map created with the map editor and share the created map. You can have individual or team battles to catch monsters, get out of mazes, or fight each other as a team.” This highlights the game's focus on community-driven content and versatile gameplay mechanics.


World Of Mana presents a promising blend of action and MMORPG elements, setting itself apart with its innovative map editor and versatile multiplayer modes. The game's expansive world and role-playing features are impressive, offering a deep and engaging experience for players. However, being still under development, it inevitably faces some challenges. The lack of user reviews on Steam suggests that the game is yet to build a substantial player community. Additionally, the one-time purchase model, while beneficial for some, might deter players looking for a free-to-play experience. Overall, World Of Mana appears to be a solid title with a lot of potential, but it needs to overcome its early-stage hurdles to truly shine. Based on its current state and market presence, we give World Of Mana a score of 55 out of 100.

Is World Of Mana available for free?

No, World Of Mana is distributed on a one-time purchase basis and is not available for free download, including via torrent.

On which platform can I play World Of Mana?

World Of Mana is currently available exclusively on the PC platform.

What are the main features of World Of Mana?

The main features of World Of Mana include MMO elements, role-playing game mechanics, action-packed adventure settings, and a map editor for creating and sharing custom maps.

How many players are currently playing World Of Mana?

Approximately 10,000 players engage with World Of Mana daily, contributing to an annual player count of around 3.65 million.

Game information last update: 13.05.2024

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