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World of Sea Battle
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Overview of the game World of Sea Battle

World of Sea Battle is an action arcade game about pirates and their battles at sea, as well as wars between guilds for land. Gamers are waiting for a huge game world with a variety of enemies and resources, which will be revealed as you level up, battle in arenas in different modes and confront guilds involving dozens of ships.

At the initial level, the project did not make the proper impression, but at the OBT stage, the game changed. Separately, it is worth noting how the surrounding reality was presented: a change of day, with impressive night battles, a high-quality image of water, real weather conditions, strong wind, snow, rain, etc., which is why it is hard to believe that everything that happens is just a computer game, especially if you remember that World of Sea Battle is an arcade game.

To control the ships, by the way, is quite simple, but the complexity lies in the variety of possibilities. Of all the ships, if desired, you can create a floating warehouse with deadly weapons. So, in service are: knippels, self-igniting mixtures, falconets, powder mines, cannonballs, and you will have to manage all this wealth at a time when something similar is pouring onto your ship, like from a cornucopia.

In terms of fleet upgrades, new sailboats are made available through the Fame Points system. Thus, the higher the rating, the more powerful ship you will receive. But, unfortunately, this is not all, except for fame points, money is needed to equip the ship. The ways to get hold of money are as follows: mining resources with subsequent sale on the market or using them for your own needs, joining a guild and begging for money there, as well as fighting NPCs on the high seas.

I would like to talk more about joining the guild. So, becoming a member of the guild, you are given a good chance to participate in the political life of the community and try your luck as a naval commander. It is only a pity that the massacres in the project are "dogfights", where every man is for himself, but from the outside the spectacle looks exciting, especially when incendiary cannonballs are used in the battle. In addition, the battles between clans are not without meaning, they are fought for control over the lands, which undoubtedly acts as an excellent motivation. And in conclusion, let's say that in the future, a story campaign, innovations for guilds and new lines of ships are expected.

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