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World Of Tanks game overview

World Of Tanks (WoT)
Platforms: PC
Game genre: Action MMO
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Historical
Release date: April 12, 2011
Game engine Custom
Free to Play

Review of the game World Of Tanks

World Of Tanks is a free tank action game from the Belarusian company Her decision to move from creating turn-based strategy games to developing an online military simulation was a real stroke of luck. The popularity of "World of Tanks" is hard to exaggerate - this game was a bridge between generations.

The audience of the game World Of Tanks

Appearing at the turn of the 2000s and the 10s, World of Tanks found humanity that grew up on video games just in a midlife crisis and suddenly became an outlet for it. Playing newfangled kawaii projects seems undignified for forty-year-old managers, but surfing the monitor and looking at enemy batteries through the tank's turret parapet is another matter. But the younger generation also liked the Belarusian find.

Gameplay World Of Tanks

MMOTOP.ORG confidently defines the World of Tanks genre as a multiplayer action game. Here we choose a character for ourselves (in this case, a tank), upgrade it, participate in various game modes, and can upgrade equipment. By the way, it is necessary to pump not only the tank but also entire branches of technology, of which there are only ten: from Swiss and Czechoslovak to the USSR and Germany. As you move them, new types of tanks are opened, distinguished by level, equipment, and tests.

True, there is no single word. There are sessions where the system directs several players to create a temporary front, but this technique does not turn the World of Tanks style into a MOBA. However, the class diversity of individual machines involves teamwork. Heavy tanks need fire support, but they serve as cover for the rest. There is artillery, self-propelled guns, and short wedges.

World of Tanks Modes

You can play in various modes, including random and standard battles, assault, oncoming war, team, ranked, company, training, global map, fortified areas, and even the front line, involving fighting in one location with up to 60 vehicles. From time to time, various events are held, where even PvE missions are added, on which it is possible to earn many in-game rewards.

Development in World Of Tanks

The selected character, the tank, has its development and crew development, but it is limited. To effectively use the money and experience earned by winning fights, investing them in improving the old hardware and acquiring better equipment units is necessary.
- Weapons, armor, engine, radio station, and ammunition are not a sin to renew. You can, by the way, develop several branches at once, but why? Evolution will slow down, and against the backdrop of global clan wars, your character will be completely lost in the annals of the top.

Microtransactions World Of Tanks

In the in-game store, you can find many premium vehicles that do not provide unique advantages but are suitable only for connoisseurs-collectors. It is also possible to purchase silver and experience for real money, which is necessary to advance through the branches of tank development, improve the crew, and purchase equipment. Fortunately, this aspect does not affect the gameplay but allows you to reach the final quickly. At the tenth level of a vehicle, fight on equal terms and finally see the balance of cars in action (up to level ten, you can be "thrown" into matches with vehicles two levels higher ).


Tank action has become a cult worldwide, primarily due to its accessibility (on almost all platforms), simple gameplay, rich content saturation, and many events regularly held by Wargaming. In russia (the terrorist state), the project has been on the best free video games list for many years.

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