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Xsyon game review

The Xsyon project belongs to a rather unusual genre, which is a post-apocalyptic fantasy. At the very least, the developers, represented by Notorious Games, insist on precisely this interpretation of the game, which they agree with on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The idea of ​​the plot lies not so much in a global catastrophe but in a kind of reverse when magic and medieval characters burst into the modern world with destructive technology. The result is a rather unusual combination of the contemporary world with skyscrapers, billboards, gigantic bridges, and computers with a world of legends, magic, and myths.

Game features

The main feature of the Xsyon project is considered not so much the original plot idea but the world that is constantly changing and open for correction. According to the game concept, the character can interact with the world around him differently. For example, you can build new settlements and build castles. And, on the contrary, you can destroy them with pleasure. The game also offers many enjoyable non-violent activities, such as hunting, fishing, logging, resource extraction, and trading. That is, this, Xsyon is reminiscent of a classic sandbox with all its standard components. To create the virtual world of Xsyon, the developers used actual knowledge of geography, biology, and medicine. Therefore, to make any weapon, you must consider what wood best suits you. In addition, data from Earth satellites were used to create the game world, which already says a lot.

Game professions

Today, Xsyon has four professions - crafter, farmer, warrior, and merchant. At the same time, each specialty is essential for the common cause. This is because there are practically no cities in the game world. The world is being created through the hard work of alliances and clans that are now building it for future gamers. Since the project appeared relatively recently, you can still become one of its founders and builders.

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