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Zero Online
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Overview of the game Zero Online

Zero Online is a futuristic Sci-Fi MMORPG game. You can find the features of games of this genre on the MMOTOP.ORG website. All events here unfold in the distant future. Instead of traditional elves and magicians, players are offered high-tech robots and a host of future weapons. You will not see any fantasy swords, axes, and staves here. Instead, lasers, gauss cannons, and heavy machine guns took their place. Despite such an exciting idea, the gameplay of Zero Online looks dull and primitive. The basis of the gameplay is monotonous quests and battles for resources. The game also has a system for improving armor and weapons.

Graphics and animation

Even though the game appeared in 2007, even then, its graphics did not look the best. An isometric projection, clumsy animation, and locations similar to each other distinguish the picture in Zero Online. The situation generally looks depressing if we add crowds of identical headless robots here. This project does not look like a worthy option today. However, despite this, the project became quite popular among Chinese gamers, so it was also decided to launch it in Western countries. It is clear that this idea was unsuccessful, and here Zero Online failed miserably. Thus, this project is only good as an example of how not to make games today.

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