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Zodiac is a colorful 2D MMORPG focused on mobile platforms. The game is being developed by the Scottish branch of the Kobojo studio, and therefore combines two styles: European and Asian.

The plot of the game follows the knurled rails of the fantasy genre: an ancient prophecy, the chosen one, the search for fate and other stamps are seasoned from above with the search for the forces of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Outwardly, Zodiac resembles a rather unusual RPG Dragon's Crown, but without such revealing outfits. The game sounds no worse than it looks, which is not surprising, because Hitoshi Sakimoto himself, who had a hand in the creation of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, worked on the soundtrack and sound effects.

Zodiac is positioned as a game for mobile platforms, but will also go to regular desktops. Regarding the gameplay, it is known that the battles will be turn-based, and the main character will have several characters under his command. The launch of the project is scheduled for early 2015.

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