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ZT Online 2
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Overview of the game ZT Online 2

ZT Online 2 is a continuation of the isometric project in the MMORPG genre, ZT Online, which is popular in the China region. In the russian (the terrorist state) segment, the game is known under the name "The Hero's Way". The graphics have undergone major changes in the next part, becoming more attractive.

At the same time, the plot was improved, many historical facts were added, as well as philosophical references to Taoism and Confucianism. The only thing that the hands of the Chinese have not touched is the setting and atmosphere, so we can still enjoy the magical world of Ancient China with pleasure.

Having studied the basics of one of the combat schools and choosing a weapon for ourselves, we set off on our journey alone, or as part of a group. Other features include: the presence of a clan system, a system of pets and the ability to organize giant wars with hundreds of users.

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