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Zu Online
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Overview of the game Zu Online

Zu Online is not the best attempt to transfer the game to the world of Chinese-themed online projects. We are talking about the work of Life of Swordman, which in Asia is also called Zu.

The plot of the game

The plot of this game tells about clans of immortals, evil demons and other mythical characters. This cohort is led by the Blood Demon, who is searching for the Oracle Stone. This stone contains information on how immortals can destroy demons. All events in the game take place 10 years after the stone shattered into many fragments.


At the beginning of the game, gamers will be able to choose one of five clans to continue the work of the immortals. It turns out that the plot of the project has no clear connection with the gameplay. In the Zu Online project, players will have to do completely different things than searching for the Oracle Stone. They have to just fight each other as part of three militant factions such as Xun, Wu and Tai. At the same time, you can choose one of 5 popular classes. That is, we are talking about the classic RvR, in which there are no goals and meaning. In addition, there are guild wars for territory. At the same time, here you can fight with guilds that belong to your faction. Also in the game there are financial bonuses that can be earned during battles. In addition, here it is possible to control the territory for guild members and get afk experience for this.

Graphic arts

If we talk about the graphics, then here, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, nothing original can be expected. Zu Online features angular, rectangular textures and a completely formulaic game world. Although the game was released in 2007, nothing has changed in it in six years.

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