A mixture of Genshin Impact and Palworld - All known information about the game Azur Promilia



A mixture of Genshin Impact and Palworld – All known information about the game Azur Promilia

On March 20, 2024, Manjuu Network Technology, known for the popular mobile role-playing game Azur Lane, introduced an open-world action-adventure RPG called Azur Promilia. According to first impressions, the game resembles a mixture of Genshin Impact and Palworld, which has already been noticed in the comments under the announcement. The developers did not keep secrets and immediately revealed many details about the future new product. For convenience, we have collected everything that is known about Azur Promilia in one article, translating it into Russian.


To begin with, a short description of Azur Promilia from the developers themselves:

“Azur Promilia is an RPG set in a fantasy world with creature companions. Step into a fantasy world completely different from the one you know. A world of different civilizations, magic and incredible fantastic creatures, along with fairy tales echoing in the starry sky. Take a bold leap from the sky into the ocean to reconnect with a new life. This is your own journey, guided by shooting stars, among the sparkling constellations. The entire universe is looking forward to a ballad of stars and an odyssey that will belong only to you.”

Analysis of the gameplay video

We carefully watched the 15-minute gameplay video published along with the announcement and found out several interesting details about Azur Promilia. By the way, if we missed something, write about it in the comments or PM me – I will add it to this list.

So, here’s what we found out thanks to the video:

  • The world in the game is open, with many biomes.
  • All characters are female.
  • Characters are divided into elements and classes.
  • Characters have their background images in the menu.
  • You can select three characters at the same time, and you can switch between them during the battle.
  • Characters have a regular ability with a cooldown and an ultimate ability that requires energy.
  • When performing a perfect dodge, time slows down momentarily.
  • You can attach one Kibo to each character – that’s what local pets are called.
  • Kibo not only participates in combat but also helps with some open-world activities.
  • Each Kibo has its own Q key ability.
  • You can quickly travel around the world using a mount.
  • Mounts can be both ground-based and flying.
  • Strong monsters and bosses have a special bar under their health that allows them to be stunned.
  • Chests in the open world contain various loot, including eggs that appear to hatch into Keebo.
  • Eggs can also be found in nests or just lying on the field.
  • You can send one of the Kibos to the ore deposits, which will mine resources in the background (it is not yet clear whether they will be mined offline).
  • There is an in-game chat (it is not yet clear whether it is possible to communicate with all players or only with friends).
  • The player has a farm with vegetable gardens and workbenches.
  • Kibos can work on the farm, obtaining resources for you.


At the time of writing, only five playable characters are known, although, of course, there will be many more. Race is indicated in parentheses.

Terara (Furrian) – The self-proclaimed best huntress in Sharlulu Village, this wolf girl tirelessly wields her spear to protect her loved ones. With boundless curiosity about the world around her, she often jumps before she looks. A little cheeky, isn’t it?!

Han Yuyou (Human) – Meet our lively and confident girl who is always hunting for hidden treasures. Armed with a unique combination of martial arts and engineering acumen, she overcomes any adventure with ease. There are no goals too high for her, and if there are, then she has a lot of clever tricks and a bag of money at the ready.

Shalle Ensis (High Elf) – This elf, a member of the American Knights of Pegasus, has a gentle aura that calms even the wildest creatures. This trusting bond extends to her Kibo, a pegasus named Lorilei. While her impressive spear may intimidate some, it is her insatiable appetite that will truly turn people’s heads.

Peipei (Pammy) – At the JiYi Pavilion in Jinghua Cape, where crowds of people flock to taste the most delicious dishes, Peipei the panda Pammy is known as the best waitress, mastering the arts of kung fu, collecting bills and irresistible cuteness! Guests who decide to play a trick on Peipei should think again – these chefs are not shy about swinging their heavy metal ladles!

Nono (Pammy) – The power of Nono’s hammer determines how far she can go in her research. Nono’s top priorities? Food, relaxation, and everything shiny. For Nono, actions speak louder than words. What about chatter? Better to leave it to your partner!


One of the features of Azur Promilia is the presence of Kibo – local pets that help in combat, exploration, and farming. Currently, there are six types:

Cabberd – The mood of a cabberd can be judged by its leaves; However, these foliage ornaments are not just for show—they are vital tools for salvation. But can simple vegetables scare away carnivorous predators?

Yumi – Yumi’s soft body can squeeze into almost any space; and, strangely enough, when cans and containers sit empty for a long time, you may eventually find Yumi inside… When it comes to getting into tight spaces, they are true masters.

Lepidelic – They communicate by dancing in circles, which outsiders often mistake for the secret rituals of mystical fairies; such misconceptions arise because they usually have a strong distrust of strangers and are very territorial; Carelessly approaching their nests can trigger the unique magic they possess.

Snow Wolf – The most loyal guard of the village of Sharlulu in the form of a cub! Every villager dreams of getting it. This Kibo can win the hearts of the inhabitants even more than his majestic adult brother.

Bloomy – From their appearance, you might think they have two large ears, but this is just a clever arrangement of fur. Plus, that eye pattern on the back? Clean camouflage. It’s hard for Bloomies to survive, being defenseless and all.

Dizzroom – Mushroom? Or a small strange creature? Is this not just a hallucination? If you are allergic to spores, you should wear a mask; Of course, a net with a long handle will come in handy, especially when he falls into a deep slumber!

Mysterious Kibo, about whom nothing is currently known except what they look like.


As befits any “Genshin-like” game, Azur Promilia will have bosses. Now we know about three of them:

Shadowblaze is a monstrous beast, a mixture of diverse biological features that make it unique. Driven by an insatiable desire to devour everything, he views even his kind as potential prey.

Spithorn – A massive predator with menacing horned spines; the flapping of his wings causes storm and frost. Due to its shrill cries and ominous appearance, it is considered an ominous omen, foretelling decay and death.

Phantomfly – Hidden deep in the Mistletoe Forest, inspired by deep desires, but responding only with flippant ridicule. Authentic yet elusive, like a dream in the waking state, she is truly a butterfly fairy beyond the reach of humans.


The world of Azur Promilia is vast and contains many different locations. The developers introduced us to the following:

South Valley

  • Rules in the valley
    • Every ray of light, every leaf, every quiet moo, and roar, every birth and return – they all serve nature in this valley.
    • Kibos in the valley are most active in the spring and summer. They can be found in pastures or under the sparkling surface of water.
  • One who is not mentioned in the prophecy
    • Stars descending from the surface of the sea reflected in the water. Besides this…
  • mistletoe forest
    • Huge and mysterious Mistborn mushrooms grow in the depths of the forest valley. What appeared first – the fog or the mushrooms? Even the residents of the valley cannot come to a consensus.

Charlulu village

  • Gathering in the forest
    • “The spirits of wolves live here, serving as guardians, protecting the faithful.” — The whispers of an ancient civilization echo through the village of Sharlulu.
    • To the southwest of the South Valley is a Furrian village whose inhabitants make their living by hunting and gathering.
  • Fire torches under the full moon
  • Imagination is where every adventure takes its first step.
    • The girl imagines a future filled with fantasies and hopes to live life like in adventure stories. But that’s not what was promised, huh?

Cape Jinghua

  • Foggy rain and light breeze
    • A cascade of petals, in a pure and beautiful rhythm, meets the echoes of a bygone time. From the south, the breeze whispers its story, and willows float smoothly under the ancient eaves.
    • The Flying Flower Festival marks the birth of countless flowers and is the highlight of Jinghua Cape. People admire and savor fragrant wines among the scattered floral aromas. As for the best place to watch the fireworks… only Han Yuyou knows.
  • Change of seasons
    • As the year ends gracefully, hearts find solace in the harmony of laughter and the aroma of delectable dishes. The chefs at Jiyi Pavilion put their best foot forward, showcasing their culinary skills in the kitchen to serve delicious dishes to family and friends.
  • Beginner and exciting
    • “You and you, both stop! You must defeat me to qualify for the martial arts competition!”
    • “Hey Hey hey! Don’t underestimate me! Or is it… you’re all afraid! Ha ha ha! Wait, don’t leave…”


Unknown industrial civilization, impossible to explore…