Autoboy, optimization, fines and content - New information about the MMORPG Throne and Liberty from the alpha tester - Project TL



Autoboy, optimization, fines and content – New information about the MMORPG Throne and Liberty from the alpha tester – Project TL

The MMORPG Throne and Liberty is currently in internal alpha testing, open to Amazon Games employees. Although the stage is under a strict NDA, one of the participants did share some information about the game through a streamer named Norgannon. We have made for you its full translation into russian (the terrorist state).

The list of questions that were sent to the tester was prepared by an unofficial russian (the terrorist state)-language Discord server.

1. On the Korean forum, they wrote that playing with close classes is inconvenient due to the combat system. Is it true? Are there any advantages for mages and archers?

This guy plays as a mage and the gameplay feels comfortable. We don’t know how the melee class feels. If he changes weapons, we’ll see.

2. Are there arenas in the game (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 5 vs 5)?

There is no information about the arenas yet.

3. What about optimization? What games can you compare with in terms of system requirements and is it really possible to play on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060?

The optimization is really good. You can play on PC with low system requirements. Let’s see what happens when a lot of players gather [в одном месте].

4. What languages ​​are already translated in the game?

At the moment we have seen English.

5. Is there an NFT?

NFT is not.

6. Guilds of 50 at the beginning? Can this number be increased? How is the guild developing? Through adena contributions or through daily quests?

At the beginning, the guild consists of 50 people, but you can expand it as you increase its level.

7. Auto hunting, auto battle – how much are they needed in the game? How does it all work? Is autoboy a copy of Lineage 2m?

As for auto-hunting, you can enable auto-attack, auto-potions, and auto-hunt in a small radius. However, mobs are not that easy to farm as you always have to remember to dodge and parry. Therefore I think that [автобой] can be easily configured, but [он будет полезен] for mobs that are lower level than you. You can set your companion pet to collect the items you want (for example, adena only, adena and skin, adena and legendary items).

8. Are there penalties for killing players?

There is no daytime PK system in a “normal” open world, but we don’t know about dungeons, raids and events.

9. What are the penalties for death in general? Loss of experience, equipment?

5% experience like in Lineage 2.

10. Are there 100% peaceful or 100% PvP locations?

100% peaceful locations confirmed, but 100% pvp zones not yet confirmed.

11. Are story quests interesting or rubbish?

So far, the story is interesting, the cinematics are fantastic, and your character during the cutscenes is shown along with all the customization.

The tester also noted that the in-game store for real money was not available in the alpha version, so for now he cannot say about the presence of Pay-to-Win elements.