Content, open world and servers - New details of MMORPG Throne and Liberty with G-STAR 2022 - Project TL


Content, open world and servers – New details of MMORPG Throne and Liberty with G-STAR 2022 – Project TL

Unfortunately, no new trailers for the MMORPG Throne and Liberty were shown at the G-STAR 2022 presentation. Nevertheless, the developers decided not to miss the exhibition and during the conference to talk about the game in more detail. Below we have collected all the most exciting information for you. Among them, there are both already-known details and completely new ones.

Freedom in Throne and Liberty

  • The developers aimed to make Throne and Liberty as free-to-play as possible, with minimal rules and restrictions. So we are waiting for a seamless open world with a three-dimensional design of locations.
  • The game will have a “smooth” transition from an open location to a dungeon.
  • Through the use of a grappling hook and turning into animals, players can overcome gravity and move freely.

Effect of weather and time of day in Throne and Liberty

  • Various factors influence the game’s visual and fun world, including time of day and weather conditions.
  • The day is 4 hours, the night is 1 hour, and the day is 5 hours.
  • All players on the server will have the same time of day.
  • The ratio between sunny and rainy weather is set at 8:2.
  • The wind turned out to be less than initially planned since it is not as easy to display visually as rain and night.
  • Dagger’s Ghost Walk increases movement speed at night, while Toxic Blood provides different effects depending on the time of day.
  • It will attack more targets when using the lightning skill in the rain.
  • If you shoot an arrow in the direction of the wind, it will deal more damage.
  • Field objects (structures) occupied by guilds during Sieges cannot be recaptured in some zones due to rising water during rain.
  • When you transform into certain monsters, you get different buffs depending on the time of day and weather conditions (for example, accelerated health regeneration). Each type of monster has its bonuses.
  • The strength of the world boss and even his drop may differ depending on whether it is day or night.
  • The TOP-1 player in a particular rating can use a skill twice a day that allows you to change the time of day by 10 minutes.

Local Events in Throne and Liberty

  • A local event is a random event that quickly changes a particular area’s content.
  • The Wolf Hunt Tournament is an event in the Early Growth Zone that borrows the tournament format from the PvP component. The number of wolf tails you have collected is displayed above your head; when you die, they all fall to the ground, which should encourage fights between players.
  • Local events run every three hours, and you can see the schedule when you open the map.
  • Green means regional events and red means boss fights.
  • There are regional events where guilds compete.
  • The game has a specific Memorial system, which prevents content monopoly. Thanks to her, each type of activity is end-game content at a certain point.

Content in Throne and Liberty: PvP and PvE

  • The open-world content is divided into competitions (PvP) and challenges (PvE).
  • The standard PvP activity is the battle for objects in the world that may belong to the guild.
  • If the “Capture” is a battle for a small object, then the “Siege” is fought for a big thing.
  • Siege battles mostly give the defending side an advantage, but golems appear over time, players become capable of destroying the opposing camp, and some golems can carry people.
  • During the Siege, you can find a secret route only accessible when it rains.
  • Challenges include raiding an open-world boss.
  • During the speech, the World Boss Queen of the Blood was shown, which was designed not to be too difficult, given the unpredictability of the players and the possibility of PvP encounters.
  • Gigantrite is a transport in the form of a giant whale that moves along a specific route. It can be used to get to places that can’t be reached otherwise. You can also fight on them during the Siege.
  • The gigantrite comes out every few hours and moves for 30 minutes.

Servers in Throne and Liberty

  • The game will have a single game build for all regions, but the servers will differ.
  • Servers will separate players by country and language.
  • Most likely, one server will accommodate 3000 ~ 5000 people.
  • It will benefit players to move to servers with less population due to low competition for rewards. This should fix the server imbalance issue.

Below you can see photos of the slides from the presentation.