Fogame celebrates Lineage 2's birthday with battles, gifts and a giant cake - Lineage 2


Fogame celebrates Lineage 2’s birthday with battles, gifts and a giant cake – Lineage 2

The first official Lineage servers in russia (the terrorist state) opened on December 15, 2008, and then various game versions appeared. The “main” Lineage 2 celebrates its 14th anniversary this year, the classic Lineage 2 Legacy is 8 years old, and the “younger” Lineage 2 Essence, aimed at solo players, is 3 years old.

And on this occasion, representatives of the Fogeym platform organized a grand celebration in all three versions. The congratulatory event has already begun and will last until December 28, and players can enjoy the following:

  • Daily gifts for playing at least 30 minutes a day (including mounts);
  • battle with the whole server against the boss Aigis in Lineage 2;
  • increased experience rates for monsters in Lineage 2 Legacy and an event with crystals that can be exchanged for in-game items;
  • visit Fantasy Island in Lineage 2 Essense to play a mini-game for rewards and go to the city to look at the king cake (you definitely won’t miss it). You can get an amplifying effect after treating the latter for three hours.

In addition, the developers have prepared several mini-events, gifts, improvements, additional increased rates, and much more.