In the MMORPG Throne and Liberty, significant changes to PvE content have been announced under the Project TL initiative.



In the MMORPG Throne and Liberty, significant changes to PvE content have been announced under the Project TL initiative.

In a recent letter, Jongok Ahn, the producer of the MMORPG Throne and Liberty, shared details about upcoming changes in PvE content. These alterations prove to be more significant than they may initially appear. We’ve prepared a translation of this letter for our readers.

The development team has received numerous negative reviews regarding the Resistance Event and, first and foremost, would like to express sincere apologies for not meeting players’ expectations.

The development team takes the issues encountered during this event very seriously and is already working on a series of fixes and improvements. The primary focus is on events that compel users to engage in specific content and improve the balance of PvE content, including open-world events that create significant competitive pressure. We would like to shed light on these changes and receive feedback from players.

Temporary Suspension and Rework of the Resistance Event

In its current form, the Resistance Event served as an excellent means to acquire new character skills. Due to the unique dynamics of Throne and Liberty, where skills are highly valued, this event became mandatory content for many players. We acknowledge this and attempt to alleviate the burden on players by reducing the minimum points required to obtain character skills. However, we recognize that this had little impact due to the event’s conditions.

This was not our intention, and we have decided to suspend the Resistance Event until we find a way to improve it. As compensation, all level 50 players will automatically receive all new skills available within the event. Those who have already learned new skills will receive compensation. Users who have not yet learned new skills but possess the necessary items will also be compensated. Information about the resumption of the Resistance Event will be provided separately, but it will likely become available in the update scheduled for February 7th.

We understand that this decision may undermine the value of our efforts, but we are determined to address the main issues. We will continue to contemplate our actions, explore all options, and ensure that no one is left dissatisfied.

In the future, we plan to pay more attention to players and provide rewards unrelated to character power development (limited skins, cosmetic coins, titles, etc.). New character skills will still be acquired automatically based on level, rather than distributed during events. Bonuses contributing to character development will be awarded during seasonal events involving all players. For example, during the Christmas event, as well as within in-game content to be added in the future.

Reducing Competition in PvE Events

We have long believed that excessive competitive stress is one of the most significant areas that needs improvement not only in the Resistance Event but also in the game as a whole. We understand that Throne and Liberty boasts a large number of PvE-oriented players who are focused on their own goals and development. Therefore, the first step we are taking in response to this challenge is to remove the competitive element from local events.

Currently, the peaceful mode of regional events does not involve PvP between users; instead, it represents a competition for the highest number of delivered items. Rewards are distributed based on the player’s rank, which may lead to disproportionate acquisition of necessary items and create a sense of relative unfairness for players with lower ranks. These competitive elements induce stress similar to PvP and push open-world events into the background.

Moving forward, we plan to enhance PvE events in the open world to align with their “peaceful” slogan, encouraging all players in the region to work towards a common goal. This involves cooperation and overcoming challenges rather than fighting for loot. Therefore, we aim to create more sophisticated content than what currently exists. Rewards will no longer depend on rank but rather on the level of goal achievement, with rewards increasing for all participants.

We are still in the process of refining our plans, and it will take some time before we can share them with you. In the meantime, we would like to redistribute the rewards that can be obtained from PvE events to other content to alleviate some of the stress associated with this content. Instead of reducing rewards in regional events, we will adjust the availability of materials (including “marinids”) for character development in party dungeons. We will ensure that players not participating in open-world events can focus on their character development without worry.

Improving and Enhancing PvE Content

We’ve previously discussed the improvements we’re making for PvE-oriented players in open-world events, but we also wanted to share some enhancements to PvE content that we’ve been working on for some time. While we can’t provide specific dates for some of these changes yet, we’ve received many questions about the game’s development direction after the Resistance Event. Therefore, we believe it’s appropriate to share them with you while they’re still in the planning stages.

Endgame PvE content will revolve around cooperative dungeons. Guilds are a strong aspect of our game, but they also require a strong sense of commitment. We fear that guilds may become too serious an obligation for some gamers. Hence, we’ve decided that endgame content for PvE-oriented players will consist of cooperative dungeons that can be developed outside the guild community in groups of six or more.

In March, we will add five cooperative dungeons. Three of them will be hard modes of existing dungeons, while two will be entirely new and currently under development. This may disappoint those hoping for a larger number of new dungeons, but we want to be realistic about what we can do to expand endgame content quickly. We’re working on models and improvements to ensure these are not just boss fights of different colors.

New dungeons will be introduced weekly. We want to give you a reason and purpose to venture into them, regardless of the weapons you wield.

Furthermore, we’re working expeditiously on a seamless party matchmaking system for dungeons. The current state, where party recruitment happens in the world chat, is not satisfactory to us as developers, and many of you have voiced concerns about it as a significant issue. Since dungeons and boss raids are the main focus of PvE, we will continue to work on improving these elements.

We will also enhance world bosses. While they may not have influenced competition as much, they didn’t provide the primary enjoyment of PvE — defeating bosses. The open world means too many players converge on a boss, making it difficult to participate in defeating it, and rewards are distributed too unevenly. To address this, we will make changes to all PvE bosses, including archibosses, so they appear in isolated instances. Players who previously fought one PvE boss together will be distributed across multiple instances, reducing the number of players in each battle appropriately, thereby increasing the chance of receiving individual rewards, making boss battles more productive than before. As the amount of gear obtained from world bosses increases, we expect players’ equipment to naturally improve. These improvements will be implemented in the game in February.

Such PvE enhancements and refinements are a top priority for Throne and Liberty right now. The goal is to transition from guild-oriented content, somewhat inaccessible, to more open and free PvE for solo players and small groups. We will rework content so you can focus on your own development and no longer feel pressured by unwanted competition.