Lineage 2 Legacy is now available for free - Lineage 2



Lineage 2 Legacy is now available for free – Lineage 2

Innova announced a change in the distribution model for Lineage 2 Legacy, one of the three versions of Lineage 2. Now access to its servers is provided free of charge, not by subscription, as before. Along with this, a new world was launched, and fresh events started.

New events include a “Level Race” ranking the top 1000 characters. Once on this list, each user will receive a gift and, located on the first line, will become the owner of the weapon of the Monarch of Ice. The Three Key Words event lets you try your hand at creating code words that can then be exchanged for bonuses, while the Daily Gifts event lets you earn rewards for playing each day for 30 minutes. The last one will last for a whole month.

Lineage 2 Legacy is the version of Lineage 2 that is closest in spirit to the classic chronicles. Its main differences are hardcore pumping, the dependence of classes on each other, and high-level content built around clans.