MMORPG Throne and Liberty - CBT-2 details and event schedule



MMORPG Throne and Liberty – CBT-2 details and event schedule

Amazon Games, the global publisher of the MMORPG Throne and Liberty, has revealed details of the second closed testing of the game. Testing starts on April 10 and ends on April 17. Players from several gaming platforms will be able to take part: PC, PlayStation 5, and XBOX X/S. Game servers will be available in several regions: Western and Eastern North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

Selected players will receive invitations to the test on April 2, and on April 4 additional instructions for participating in the test and invitations to a special discord server will be sent out. It is worth recalling that at this stage of testing, there is an NDA, and players are prohibited from sharing footage from the game and talking about what they saw during the test.

However, the publisher himself shared some details. The main difference from the first test will be the disabling of level restrictions. Now players will be able to reach the maximum level of fifty and fully explore all available locations. All test participants will receive Lucent premium currency in their account for testing the auction and premium store.

The combat system has received a number of changes since the first test, and the publisher wants to test it in different game events. Therefore, a number of events are planned that will take place according to the local time of each regional server:

  • April 10: Test starts, no events scheduled. Players should start exploring Solysium.
  • April 11 at 19:00: Morokai Field Boss
  • April 12 at 20:00: King Excavator-9 Riftstone
  • April 13 at 19:00: Archboss Tevent (Peaceful)
  • April 14 at 19:00: First siege of the castle
  • April 15 at 22:00: Tax delivery
  • April 16 at 19:00: Second siege of the castle
  • April 17: Closing ceremony – 1 hour before server shutdown.