NCSOFT management confirms development of Guild Wars 3



NCSOFT management confirms development of Guild Wars 3

The South Korean company NCSOFT held its annual meeting of shareholders, during which the development of MMORPG Guild Wars 3 by ArenaNet was confirmed. Previously, rumors repeatedly surfaced about the development of a new part of the famous MMORPG, both in vacancies on the developer’s website and during the company’s financial reports.

“We have consolidated several NC West studios under ArenaNet.
ArenaNet is where we created a significant IP (intellectual property) called Guild Wars, and we are currently developing Guild War 3,” Byung-Moo Park, CEO of NCSOFT.

Recall that NCSOFT bought ArenaNet in 2000 for approximately 20 billion won. Over its history, the company has released 2 MMORPGs: Guild Wars in 2005 and Guild Wars 2 in 2012. Since 2019, ArenaNet has been experiencing problems with payback, but with the release of the Secrets of the Obscure add-on in August 2023, this situation was corrected.

NC West is the North American subsidiary of NCSOFT, which has previously posted consistent losses. As a result, last year the parent company restructured the problematic branch. At that time, it was known that the localization and management departments were fired, but this did not directly affect the developers.

It is worth noting that, most likely, Guild Wars 3 has been in development for no more than two years, and it is possible that the active phase has only begun in the last six months/year. So we still have a long wait for the game.