PvE and PvP content in the MMORPG Throne and Liberty - Project TL



PvE and PvP content in the MMORPG Throne and Liberty – Project TL

About MMORPG Throne and Liberty, much is already known from both closed and open tests conducted by NCSOFT and Amazon Games. However, if you haven’t been following all the events, you might have missed out on the game content it offers. Here’s a brief overview of the activities that have already been showcased to players. It’s worth noting that developers may prepare something new or revamp existing mechanics and content for the game’s release. Currently, the Amazon Games version of the game is under NDA, unfortunately, so there’s no possibility of publishing screenshots or videos.



The Codex allows players to track their progress in the game and consists of three tabs:

1. Main Storyline (Adventure): This tab gradually guides players through locations and teaches them all the basic mechanics of the game. Quests provide the character with a lot of experience, some consumable materials, transformations, and equipment. It is advisable to focus on this tab primarily, at least until reaching level 30.

2. Side (blue) quests of locations (Exploration): These are usually small tasks to kill mobs or visit specific places in a certain location. All tasks and rewards can be viewed to determine what is important for the player at the current stage of the game. The main difference is that some quests require specific conditions to be met, and they are not always easy to complete. For example, a quest to kill mandragoras during rain.

3. Collection of books and notes (Collection) scattered throughout the world. By collecting these items, players can earn special currency, which can be spent on purchasing new appearances for transformations.

A screenshot from the May game testing.

Taedal’s Tower

The chain of bosses that players have to defeat in solo mode. For each boss, players receive rewards to enhance their character’s equipment. The walkthrough of the first ten levels in the May test can be viewed in this video.


Contracts can be classified as daily quests that allow players to obtain resources for crafting various items and occasionally items for enhancing equipment or character skills. To unlock contracts, players need to fulfill certain conditions to make them available. A limited number of contracts can be completed per day, but in some cases, this limit can be increased. For example, bonus contracts are awarded as the hero’s level increases, and special scrolls can drop from certain elite mobs.

NPCs offer two types of tasks:

  1. General Contract: These are free tasks to defeat mobs that are equivalent to the character’s level. Players can take up to 15 orders per day. They become available around levels 20-22.
  2. Special Contract: These become available from level 30. Players can also take up to 15 of these per day, but they require payment in gold to accept. Orders for levels 28-31 cost between 20 to 23 thousand gold, while those for levels 32-34 cost between 23 to 27 thousand. To complete these tasks, players often need to defeat mobs higher than their level, but the rewards offered are more valuable.

After accepting one of the orders, players can refresh the available list to try to obtain interesting rewards or to target specific mobs for elimination. Additionally, players can spend Contract Coins on special NPCs to purchase useful (or not-so-useful) items.

Each contract entails the task of defeating 20-40 mobs. It’s reassuring that players can take multiple tasks targeting the same mobs.

Guild Boss

At the second level, each guild gains access to its base, where several NPCs are stationed, and there’s an entrance to guild bosses. The level of the guild determines which boss can be accessed. Players can only visit one boss per day, so it’s crucial to take this seriously. Each participant can die on the boss only three times, after which they will be teleported out of the dungeon without the right to return. Killing a boss grants guild experience and valuable loot.

One of the bosses available for guilds to defeat.


It is worth noting that not all of these in-game events necessarily involve PvP. It all depends on the server’s policy and population. Situations may arise where hundreds of players from different alliances and guilds clash on the battlefield.

Events in the open world

The developers have repeatedly talked about events in the open world and emphasized their importance. However, in the end, we simply enter the location, defeat mobs, and turn in the dropped items at specific places. There are some small nuances between events, but fundamentally they don’t differ much from each other in essence.

During the technical test conducted from September 19 to October 3, 2023, events were periodically held without the possibility for players to fight each other, but the majority of events are conducted with open PvP. Leading positions in the event’s ranking can earn players experience and items to enhance their character’s skills.

The video from the May test shows how The Wolf Hunting Contest event unfolds.

Bosses in the open world

As of now, the game features 4 bosses (Morokai, King Excavator-9, Chernobog, King Chimaerus) and 2 archbosses (Queen Bellandir, Tevent). When a boss spawns, a PvP zone is activated around it, allowing players to engage in battles with each other. However, they can also work together to defeat the boss. It’s worth noting that the time during which the bosses are available is limited, and players don’t always manage to defeat them within the allotted time, especially in the case of arc bosses.

In the video from the May test by Steparu, you can see an example of the confrontation for the Chernobog boss.

Dungeons in the open world

Dungeons are part of the world and are not hidden behind a loading screen. You can enter them at any time and descend to the desired floor. However, you should beware of monsters and other players, as dungeons constantly have PvP mode enabled. There are a total of five dungeons on the map: Syleu’s Abyss, Temple of Sylaveth, Shadowed Crypt, Ant Nest, Sanctum of Desire. During the tests, only the first two were shown, and the “Ant Nest,” as we know from the producer’s words, opens only under certain conditions that cannot be fulfilled during the tests.

The mobs in dungeons are more dangerous than most of the mobs found on the surface.

Riftsone & Boonstone

In the world, they are represented as flags placed all over the map, and capturing them constitutes a full-fledged PvP event in the game. Each guild can capture three Riftstones and three Boonstones. Each flag provides the guild with specific characteristics, resources, and guild experience. Any guild can come and try to prove its right to possess the flag. Solo players can also participate in PvP, but they cannot capture the flag themselves. To capture a flag, the clan leader or one of the officers must activate the capture, after which the area around the flag must be held for 5 minutes. Whoever is the owner at the end of the 30-minute event receives the bonuses for the next one and a half days. After 36 hours, the event repeats, and the owner will have to defend the flag from those who want to capture it.

Castle Siege

Earlier, we provided the main information about this event, so we won’t delve into details again. Just a reminder that the content is designed for large-scale PvP confrontation among multiple alliances.

Tax Delivery Event

The Tax Delivery event could be one of the most fun activities in the game. The guild that owns the castle must deliver a chest of taxes from Vienta Village settlement to their castle. For this, one of the clan members (presumably the clan leader or one of the officers) transforms into a huge golem carrying a massive chest on their shoulders. All other players can interfere with this task and receive their share of the taxes if they manage to destroy the golem. Without allied guilds, it will be difficult to protect the golem, as the path is not close, and there may be many players willing to interfere. Additionally, there are several obstacles along the way that must be overcome.

These are the main PvE and PvP activities that the developers and publishers have shown to players. We hope that in the future, the available content will expand so that every player can find something to do.