The global update "The Kingdom of Dreams" is installed on the servers of the version of MMORPG Perfect World



The global update “The Kingdom of Dreams” is installed on the servers of the version of MMORPG Perfect World

For the version of MMORPG Perfect World, a global update, “The Kingdom of Dreams” has been released, bringing a lot of content. It added new areas of the Western Continent and the Sky of the Limit, where players can learn more about the history and mythology of these lands and take part in tasks and challenges. A new storyline is connected with the awakening of an ancient artifact – the Heart of Pan Gu, which attracts the attention of the soulless.

The new Terrace of Dreams dungeon has become available for groups of 10 characters who have reached the 1st level of the Sky of Majesty. In it, you can go through five dream memories related to the story of the princess of the fox clan Xue Ji and her beloved Shao Qing. For completing the dungeon, resources are given for new equipment of level 18, which significantly increases the attack and defense indicators of the characters.

There is a new level 18 gear that can be crafted using resources from the Terrace of Dreams and other sources. It has different rarities and properties and can also be upgraded to level 10. Also, new skills became available for all classes.

In addition, the “Heavenly Lot” system was introduced, which allows you to guess and receive various rewards. This requires special items – lot stones, which can be obtained from various sources. Fortune telling gives a buff or a debuff for a certain amount of time, as well as a random item.

Finally, the update introduced the World Journey system, thanks to which you can now explore different areas of the Ideal World and receive rewards for this. However, you will need special cards that are mined in different ways. Traveling unlocks new zones on the map, grants experience or spiritual knowledge, and also drops a random item.