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C9 Continent Of The Ninth Seal
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Review of the game C9 Continent Of The Ninth Seal

Lively and colorful Action/MO, long closed in its homeland in Korea and still published in the west by Webzen, still enjoys well-deserved popularity among players worldwide. C9 is a multiplayer role-playing game that combines spectacular fighting game elements with the traditions of classic MMORPGs. Here you can knock out the enemy with a series of stunning blows and even finish off various combos on the ground, for which decent bonuses are put.

Combat system

C9 is one of the first games in which the now fashionable non-target was taken as the basis for the combat system. The player is given a choice of five basic classes Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, Witchblade, and Mystiс, each of which will be able to choose one of several specializations in the future. All classes have unique abilities and use an exciting system for activating skills through critical combinations, which has now migrated to Black Desert.

World and gameplay

The world of C9 is a set of continents, the number of which increases with each global update of the game. Each continent has a city where players can engage in traditional activities such as trading, finding a group, crafting items, etc. The town has several portals leading to the dungeons. The passage of these dungeons is the main occupation in C9. As the level grows and the story progresses, new continents open up to the player.


C9 features arena battles and a ranking system. You can defend your honor not only in one-on-one battles but also in significant deathmatch fights. And that is not all. C9 has an Intruder mode that allows you to enter other players' dungeons and attack them, earning unique coins and taking away other people's bosses. Defeating uninvited guests can also make the additional experience and other rewards.

In general, if you decide to get acquainted with the advantages of the non-target combat system and have a lot of fun, then the site MMOTOP.ORG advises you not to miss the exciting online game "C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal".

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