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Peria Chronicles game overview

Peria Chronicles
Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: South-eastern Asia
Game setting: Anime
Release date:
Game engine Custom
Free to Play

Review of the game Peria Chronicles

If Americans can bring comics to life in their games, why shouldn't Asians play manga? The leader of the Korean gaming market, Nexon Corporation, who ordered Thingsoft studios of this kind of MMORPG, thought so.

The anime novelty was decorated in a cartoon style through cel-shading technology called "Peria Chronicles." During the announcement, there was a lot of talk about the upcoming project, incredibly a few years ago, but the years went by, and nothing is known about the launch date. The game's websites are changing, and trailers are coming out, but the game's producer Jung Sang Won is stubbornly silent about the release date and timing of testing. What does she represent? And do you even have to wait?

Commercials demonstrated the mechanics of terraforming locations - the ability for players to change the landscape and settlements themselves. Regarding payments, the developers promise a system of dynamic growth - in those places where players choose the areas of settlements for themselves, infrastructure will automatically be established, and merchants, farmers, builders, and so on will be pulled up there. Combat is a kind of variation of "Pokemon": various monsters will fight for you, which you will catch during the battles. As for PvP, nothing is clear yet, but two races have been announced: Human and Akasha, so perhaps, at least, some military showdown in the RvR format will still appear.

A separate feature of the game should be user-generated content. The developers are preparing a toolkit that allows players to improve and fill the world through self-made content, such as quests. The creation of such a tool may be the reason for the constant transfers and delays.

Unfortunately, at this stage, Peria Chronicles raises more questions than it answers. Therefore, we at MMOTOP.ORG will wait for more concrete information before jumping to conclusions.

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Nexon cancels development of Peria Chronicles - Peria Chronicles


Unexpected news came from within the walls of Nexon. The Korean publisher has decided cancel development of the anime MMORPG...

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