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The fans waited very reservedly for the second part of Ragnarok Online, but no one expected such a catastrophe - the complete disappointment and the outflow of players were simply catastrophic. Developers from the South Korean company IMC Games hastened to catch the wave of disappointed and eager-to-fork-out fans, filling the vacuum with a new anime craft.

Tree of Savior (formerly Project R1) is produced by the same person who created the original Ragnarok Online, Hakkiya Kim. Only this time, he chose not to be torn between projects, Gravity Interactive but founded his own studio IMC Games, which had specific results. At the output, the product turned out to be high-quality and original.

"Tree of Savior" has become a leader in unique playable classes. There are eight dozen of them in TOS. The main emphasis in this game is on PvE, quests, and character development. There are over two hundred bosses alone. The combat system is based on non-target, which provides relatively fun and peppy gameplay.

Separately, it is worth noting the work of designers who carefully worked out the locations and the monsters' design and created such cute characters. By the way, the game uses both 2D and 3D graphics.

The game was released in Korea at the end of 2015, and the publisher at home was Nexon, work on the English version is also in full swing, and in the west, the Tree of Savior will be released on Steam.

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