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Overview of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a cult MMORPG from Blizzard, which was released back in 2004. In russia (the terrorist state), this time saw the peak of the popularity of gaming clubs and computer rooms. The editors of recall how for eighty rubles it was possible to play World of Warcraft all night, and in the morning, staggering, go out in order to collect enough money for a new entry in a day.

Few people understood how a small gaming room is connected to the global network, where you can meet players from all over the world, but it was at that time that the famous MMORPG appeared - a game with which the idea of ​​online games is primarily associated.

Somehow, we then felt that this game is something special, and its appearance is an event out of the ordinary. The rest of the cooperative games faded into the background, even if no one had ever encountered the cartoony graphics of fantasy games before. World of Warcraft conquered everyone, the younger brother of StarCraft suddenly became the eldest.


After releasing World of Warcraft, Blizzard Corporation quietly retired. For many years, the mastodon has not been active, except for sequels and updates. World WoW servers are overloaded even now, 12 years later, and about 15 million people are registered on them.

The graphics are outdated, the plot is outdated, but the indescribable atmosphere of the MMORPG canon setter, the balance of the gameplay and the proprietary combat system that turns the RPG into a dynamic action are not subject to time. In addition, Blizzard knows how to keep the attention of subscribers on itself. The universe of the game is constantly growing, new dungeons for clan raids appear, separate zones rich in especially valuable trophies are being developed for PvP players, the world and plot are developing, attracting single PvE players.

Character development

What to say about character development in World of Warcraft? The evolution of the characteristics of local heroes has become the official standard for MMORPG developers. Skills, crafting, gaining experience, quests, buying things, guilds - much of this was first heard while playing the ageless and truly iconic World of Warcraft.

Project development

Over the course of its history, World of Warcraft received six global additions, many of which turned the game on its head. Often controversial among longtime fans, WOW expansions are always the most anticipated developments in the MMORPG market. So it was in 2007 (The Burning Crusade), so it was in 2016 (Legion), so it will always be.


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World of Warcraft Reviews

WOW classic - World of Warcraft

September 02, 2019 Until recently, I hoped for a normal graphic in the classics. Didn't deliver why? And there were also olds who were not tired of wasting their time in this squalor. Eyes run out at one glance -4 0 Next →

a game that needs to be shut down - World of Warcraft

December 20, 2018 at 07:57 stavar I will say that people just love to live in the Stone Age +1 1 Next →

Gaming industry legend - World of Warcraft

July 04, 2018 at 12:54 pm Defes The best game and universe in the whole world. There are many MMORPGs in this world, but WOW stands out from them. The fact that it is saturated with the fabulousness of all of Azeroth and what is connected with it. It is played by more than 10 million people around the world (this is not a sewn pirate yet). Only the lazy one doesn't know it, I've been playing it on patch 7.1.5 for a year now. There are no equal blizzards, only they have good games. There isn't one bad one. Thank you for such a happy childhood)))) 0 1 Next → All reviews →

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